CEA August 2008 Meeting

The Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) met July 18–20. Following are highlights of the meeting.

Accreditation Decisions
For initial accreditation, the Commission may grant 5-year accreditation to programs in compliance with the CEA Standards or one-year accreditation to programs that substantially meet the standards but need to address minor standards-related deficiencies. Programs granted one-year initial accreditation are granted 4-year continued accreditation if the deficiencies are corrected. For re-accreditation, the Commission may grant 10-year re-accreditation to programs that fully meet the standards or one-year re-accreditation to programs that have standards-related deficiencies that may be met in one year. Programs granted one-year re-accreditation may be granted 9-year continued accreditation if the deficiencies are corrected.

In accordance with Section 602.26 of the U.S. Secretary of Education's Recognition of Accrediting Agencies (effective July 1, 2000), notice is hereby given of the following decisions made by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation at its meeting of July 18-20, 2008.

Granted 5-year initial accreditation
English Language Institute, Oregon State University

Granted 1-year initial accreditation
English Language Program, Kansas State University

Granted 9-year continued accreditation
English Language Center, Drexel University
English Language Institute, University of Utah
Intensive English Language Institute, Utah State University

Denied initial accreditation
Open Hearts International College, Miami, Florida

Thank you to those who responded to the CEA Strategic Planning survey and to the Importance and Clarity Survey, which were recently distributed. The Commission used the results of the Strategic Planning survey as a foundation for strategic planning. One day of the July 18-20 meeting was devoted to defining critical issues, which will form the basis for the 5-year strategic plan. The results of the Importance and Clarity Survey, which is distributed once each 3 years, will be used by the Standards Review Committee as one means for on-going review of the CEA Standards for English Language Programs and Institutions to ensure that they continue to reflect best practice in instruction and administration of English language programs.

New CEA policies
The Commission approved two new policies at its July meeting.

Change of control or ownership of an accredited independent language institution
When a change takes place, the school must submit an application for continuance of accreditation. If the application is complete, the accreditation continues until the next meeting of the Commission. If continued accreditation is granted by the Commission, a special on-site visit will take place within 12 months following the change of control.

Accreditation of a new site
A CEA accredited English language program or institution may open an additional site, but it may not claim CEA accreditation for that site until approved by CEA. The new policy requires that an application be submitted, that a special on-site visit be carried out with 3 months, and that the Commission review the application and report of the on-site visit at its next meeting. The Commission may grant 1-year accreditation, but the new site must submit a complete self-study and undergo a full site visit within 6 months of the grant of one-year accreditation in order for the accreditation to continue.

Call for CEA Reviewers
CEA reviewers play an important role in the accreditation review process. At this time, CEA especially needs professionals with experience working in and administering independent English schools.

Reviewers are responsible for reviewing program self-study materials, participating in a 3-day site visit, and submitting a review team report to the Commission. Being a CEA site reviewer is a highly rewarding, professional endeavor. Because of the nature of the task, the Commission seeks applications from professionals who have broad knowledge of and experience in English language teaching and administration and who have earned graduate degrees in disciplines related to language instruction and educational administration. These professionals should have a reputation of integrity as demonstrated through their participation as leaders in scholarly activities and professional associations.

Interested parties may download the application form on the download page on the CEA web site. If you are interested, please submit your application by December 1, 2008, to be considered by the Commission for attendance at the next reviewer training workshop:

2009 Reviewer Workshop
March 27-28, Denver CO (after the TESOL Convention )

Accreditation Workshops
CEA will hold the following accreditation workshops in 2008 and 2009:

2008 Accreditation Workshop
October 17 & 18, 2008, CEA office, Alexandria VA

2009 Accreditation Workshops
March 27-28, Denver CO (after the TESOL Convention)
October 16 & 17, CEA office, Alexandria VA

Programs or institutions interested in participating need to submit an eligibility application prior to a workshop. Forms are available for download on the CEA web site.

For more information about CEA, access the web site at www.cea-accredit.org or call 703.519.2070.

The following sites will be reviewed for initial accreditation:

  • American Cultural Exchange, Seattle Pacific University
  • American Cultural Exchange, Montana State University
  • Center for Applied Linguistics and Language Studies, Hellenic-American Union, Athens
  • Center for English as a Second Language, Southern Illinois University
  • English Language Program, Kansas State University
  • ESL Department , Lone Star College, Cy Fair
  • Intensive English Program, American University of Kuwait
  • Intensive English Program, Georgia State University
  • International Academy of English
  • Spring International Language Center, Arapahoe
  • Spring International Language Center, Auraria
  • Spring International Language Center, University of Arkansas
  • St. Giles College
  • Studies in American Language, San Jose State University
  • USC Language Academy, University of Southern California

If you have any questions about CEA or about this notice, please contact Terry O’Donnell, Executive Director, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..