Recent Decisions

As required by CEA and U.S. Department of Education policy, accreditation decisions must be made public. Decisions which appear below and in the Archive of Recent Decisions are reflected in the directory of CEA-accredited programs and institutions. The following decisions were made at the December 2023 Commission meeting.

One-year initial accreditation
Ideal English School (IES) – Orlando, FL (institutional)
North America Technical Institute ESL (NATI ESL)- Sterling, VA (institutional)
Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University English Language Institute- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (general)

Initial accreditation of an additional branch location through August 2025
American English Academy Miami- Miami, FL (institutional)
MILA Boston- Cambridge, MA (institutional)

Continued initial accreditation of an additional branch location
Zoni Language Centers Hempstead- Hempstead, NY (institutional)

Four-year continued initial accreditation
Philadelphia English Language Institute (PELI)- Philadelphia, PA (institutional)

Ten-year reaccreditation
Florida State University Center for Intensive English Studies Intensive English Program- Tallahassee, FL (programmatic)
Liberty Language Academy- Orlando, FL (institutional)
University of Mississippi Intensive English Program- University, MS (programmatic)
University of Missouri Center for English Language Learning (CELL) Intensive English Program- Columbia, MO (programmatic)

One-year reaccreditation
Manhattan English Center- New York, NY (institutional)
Institute for Academic and Career English- North Palm Beach, FL (institutional)

Nine-year continued reaccreditation
Internexus Los Angeles- Redondo Beach, CA (institutional)

Expiration (effective December 31, 2023)
ESL Academy Greenwood- Greenwood, IN (institutional)
ESL Academy Skokie- Skokie, IL (institutional)
University of Iowa Intensive English Program- Iowa City, IA (programmatic)
University of Tabuk Department of Languages and Translation English Language Program- Tabuk, Saudi Arabia (general)

Voluntary Withdrawal from accreditation (closure)
English Language and Culture Institute (ELCI Albany)- Albany, OR (institutional)                                                            

Placed on Probation
Flow Language School- Atlanta, GA (institutional)

Placed on Show Cause
Columbia School of English- Portland, OR (institutional)

Acknowledgement of Executive Committee actions
The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the full Commission in the period between meetings. The Commission accepted the following Executive Committee actions taken on behalf of the full Commission in the period between meetings.

Voluntary withdrawal from accreditation
Institute of International Studies at Monterey Middlebury English Language School at Middlebury College– Monterey, CA (programmatic) – eff. 10/5/2023

Voluntary withdrawal from accreditation (closure)
American National English Language Institute (ANELI) Orlando- Orlando, FL (institutional) – eff. 8/22/2023
International Educational Services/ Oxford International San Diego – San Diego, CA (institutional) – eff. 10/5/2023
Intercultural Institute of California (IIC)- San Francisco, CA (institutional) – eff. 10/01/2023


Executive Committee actions
The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the full Commission in the period between meetings. The Executive Committee accepted the following notifications on behalf of the full Commission.

Voluntary withdrawal from accreditation
Interlink International Institute at Montana State University- Boseman, MT (institutional) - eff. 12/31/23
University of Idaho American Language and Culture Program- Moscow, ID (programmatic) - eff. 1/12/2024
University of Maryland Maryland English Institute Intensive English Program- College Park, MD (programmatic) – eff. 2/15/2024
University of North Texas Intensive English Language Institute- Denton, TX (programmatic) – eff. 2/15/2024
Wayne State University English Language Institute- Detroit, MI (programmatic) - eff. 1/17/2024


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