Constituent Council

Accredited programs and institutions are considered constituents of CEA. As such, each accredited site becomes a member of the CEA Constitutent Council. As a specialized accrediting agency, CEA seeks input from the professional field. Thus, members of the Constituent Council play an important role in the governance of CEA. Its purpose is to: nominate candidates employed by an accredited program or institution to stand for election to serve on the Commission; elect non-public members of the Commission; and make recommendations to the Commission regarding revisions to the CEA Standards and the Policies and Procedures.

Each accredited site has a primary contact who serves as the representative of the program or institution on the Council. Since accreditation is a process of voluntary peer review, it is important that accredited sites have a means to participate in the governance of the accrediting body and to provide recommendations to the Commission. Constituent Council representatives attend the annual meetings of the Constituent Council and may be asked to serve as members of ad hoc committees and task forces of the Commission.

More information about the Constituent Council and the Commission can be found in the CEA Policies and Procedures document.