CEA’s mission is to protect the interests of students and promote excellence in the field of English language teaching and administration through accreditation of English language programs and institutions worldwide. CEA achieves its mission by advancing widely-held standards to foster student success and continuous program development through a rigorous process of regular self-assessment and peer evaluation.


Leading through Advancing Standards
We lead by setting widely accepted standards in English language instruction and administration and by ensuring that the standards reflect current best practice in language teaching, learning, and administration.

Advocating for Students
We recognize the students’ need for appropriate, effective, language-learning opportunities. We believe that students have a right to the instruction and services promised by the program or institution. 

Respecting Different Educational Approaches
We believe excellence takes many forms. We respect the variety of missions, goals, and models of English language programs and institutions. We recognize the rights and responsibilities of each program and institution to identify and implement its educational philosophy, methods and approaches in its cultural and economic environment while meeting the standards.

Supporting Success
We believe in the potential of each program or institution to achieve accredited status, and we support programs and institutions in their efforts to meet the standards.

Promoting Continuous Improvement, Development, and Learning
We believe that the standards and the accreditation process provide the basis for program self-evaluation, improvement, and, ultimately, development of quality programs for students. We encourage administrators, faculty, and staff in English language programs to become involved in a process that offers an opportunity for individual learning and growth. We also encourage continuous learning and growth for CEA volunteers and staff.

Acting with Integrity and Care
We are committed to serving our community with professional integrity. We strive to maintain open communication, transparency, accountability, confidentiality, respect, consistency, and fairness throughout the accreditation process. An ethic of care pervades the work of reviewers, commissioners, and staff.

Embracing Collaborative Judgment
We acknowledge the power of collaboration in both the program review and the decision-making process. We value the expertise of members of the profession, the wider professional community, and the accreditation professionals who participate in the process of self-study and review.

Valuing Diversity
We strive to respect and embrace diversity amongst all stakeholders and believe that acting at all times with a spirit of inclusiveness and equity plays an important role in achieving our mission of protecting the interests of students and promoting excellence in the field.


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