Writing Student Learning Outcomes and Assessments

Writing Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment

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The CEA standards for curriculum and assessment require that a program or language school seeking accreditation include statements of student learning outcomes within the various levels of the curricular program and that the system of assessment be aligned with those statements.

The following links provide insights into writing student learning outcomes, discuss outcomes based teaching and learning, and propose means of assessment of student learning outcomes.  While they don’t reference English language teaching specifically, they provide useful background on the general topic.

Assessing Student Learning in Higher Education
This is a web site designed to introduce faculty to Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and assessment. The purpose of this website is to make assessment possible and practical in any course or program.  It is an excellent introduction to the relationship between goals, objectives, student learning outcomes, and assessment. Written by Janet Fulkes for community college programs but applicable to all fields of learning.

Writing Learning Outcomes, Best Practices, University of Texas at Arlington
A Power Point presentation on writing learning outcomes.  Under resources, click on How to Write Learning Based Course Outcomes. Under Assessment, click on the Power Point presentation “Writing Learning Outcomes.”

University of Rhode Island
Assessment at URI  - A good overview of how to write student learning outcomes. On the home page in the “search” area, type in “Student Learning Outcomes 101.”

Student Learning Outcomes
Grossmont College web site. Includes links to “How to Write Student Learning Outcomes for Your Program” and “How to Write Student learning Outcomes for Your Class.”  Also includes “Benefits & Challenges”  of writing Student Learning Outcomes and links to other university web sites.

Outcomes Based Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
Center for the Advancement of University Teaching - Explains what outcomes based learning is and how it works. Includes references to Intended Learning Outcomes.  ILOs = SLOs, student learning outcomes.   Has a link to outcomes based assessment.

Outcomes Based Education, Power Point Presentation
An introduction to outcomes based education—definition, characteristics, objectives vs. outcomes, assessment criteria. By RE Gerber, PE Technikon.

9 Principles of Good Practice Assessment
Indiana University Kokomo - This document was developed by the American Association for Higher Education (AAHE) with support from the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education.